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Added: October 26, 2015

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Country Evolution is the third studio album from Home Free, the country quintet and winners of NBC s "The Sing-Off" Season 4. The high-energy album featuring their trademark tight harmonies is produced by longtime collaborator Darren Rust, and features 11 tracks and special guests Charlie Daniels, Oak Ridge Boys and YouTube star Taylor Davis.Since being crowned "The Sing-Off" victors, Home Free has made their mark on the music scene with selling more than 150,000 copies of their first two studio albums, embarking on two major tours and amassing over 40 million YouTube views.Founded by brothers Chris and Adam Rupp during their college years in the early 2000s, Home Free had been perfecting their sound and show for years prior to NBC s The Sing-Off --performing together for packed crowds at major fairs, colleges and theaters. It was their experience on the road that carried them to a Sing-Off victory, building their fan base and bringing their homegrown country style into the national spotlight. For the five talented singers based in Minnesota, their win was a satisfying culmination of nearly a decade of hard work and commitment to their vocal craft.

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