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Added: November 18, 2016

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Best Bully Sticks is committed to providing your dog with a healthy and enjoyable experience with all of our products. We are very excited to introduce our hottest new, all-natural treat, Bully Jerky, made from our famous Bully Sticks! Bully Sticks are Dogs' favorite chew. Pooches are practically addicted to their unique, authentic beefy taste. With Bully Jerky, we have found a way to lock all of the nutrients and mouthwatering flavors of bully sticks into jerky strips. To make these delectable treats, we've ground our all-natural Bully Sticks into a fine flake. We then form the flakes into strips and slowly oven-bake them. Out pops BULLY JERKY! Dogs will rejoice and you can rest easy knowing you are treating them with a nutritional snack that will support their healthy diet. Healthy Snack: Each 5-inch strip of Bully Jerky is packed with protein and other essential vitamins and minerals. Bully Jerky serves as a healthy snack or can easily be broken into pieces for a quick training treat. Ingredients: Bully Stick Pieces, Rice Flour, Vegetable Glycerin, Wheat Fiber, Dextrose, Tocopherol (vitamin E/antioxidant) Quantity Approximately 19 but varies by weight Size: Approximately 5 inches in length and 0.75 inches in width Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (Min.) 32.48% Crude Fat (Max.) 10.92% Crude Fiber (Max.) 2.31% Moisture (Max.) 15.40% Country of Origin: Brazil Our Promise: We passionately love dogs and want what's best for them. That's why we'll never skimp on quality. Since 2008, Best Bully Sticks mission has been to provide dog treats with simple and wholesome ingredients at great prices. Our focus is on quality and prioritizing your pet's health and needs with every product that we make.

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