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Added: January 09, 2016

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Bette Midler s A GIFT OF LOVE includes 18 of her best love songs. This new collection spotlights a number of incredibly poignant tracks, like her cover of Marshall Crenshaw s My Favorite Waste Of Time from No Frills (1983); Every Road Leads Back To You from the soundtrack to her film For the Boys (1991); Shining Star from Bette (2000); plus five tracks from her platinum release Bette of Roses (1995), including It s Too Late and As Dreams Go By. A GIFT OF LOVE would not be complete without three of Midler s biggest hits: The Rose from the 1979 film of the same name in which Midler starred; the #1 Grammy-winning smash Wind Beneath My Wings from another Midler film, Beaches; and From A Distance, from her double-platinum album Some People s Lives (1990).

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