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Category: Music

Added: April 01, 2016

The Stackup

10,000 Days Stackup Graph

This graph shows how the all the results for love, praise, and faves compare to the results for hate, complaints, and problems for 10,000 Days.

The Numbers

Positive Results Negative Results Total Results Combined Spread
276,029,999 24,518,600 300,548,599 251,511,399 (+91%)


After five long years, the new studio album from Tool is ready. Are you? With just one EP and three album releases over a 15 year span, Tool has created a loyal and even rabid fan base, selling over 10 million albums and half a million videos in the U.S. alone. The first track from Tool's highly anticipated new release will impact the world in April with the album release on May 2nd.

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