Comparison of iPod vs. Zune

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Category: MP3 Players

Added: August 19, 2010

A visual take on how iPod and Zune compare to each other.





The Stackup

This graph shows how products compare when everything said about them is combined into one value.

iPod vs. Zune Stackup Graph

Apple's distinctive MP3 player holds its own against the most serious competition to come along since mini-disc players. The Zune isn't disliked, it just lacks the popularity of the iPod.

Based on the results, iPod is clearly the best compared to the other choices. You might want to consider buying it from Amazon.

Also, it looks like Zune is obviously worse than the others, so you might want to avoid it.

The Splitup

This graph splits up positive and negative results to give you more detail.

Splitup Legend iPod vs. Zune Splitup Graph

Share of Voice

Love, Praise, Faves

This pie chart shows how the positive results for each product compare; a bigger slice of the pie is better.
The limelight must feel good for iPod.

iPod vs. Zune Positive Share of Voice Chart

Hate, Complaints, Problems

This pie chart shows how the negative results for each product compare; a bigger slice of the pie is worse.
Maybe there's no such thing as bad press for iPod.

iPod vs. Zune Negative Share of Voice Chart

The Numbers

Absolute Results and Relative Percentages

This table shows the actual number of results found and the combined spread (with the percentage of the total) for each product. They all have a decent number of things said about them around the web, which gives us the data we need to work with.

Name Positive Results Negative Results Combined Spread
iPod 2,376,927 (84%) 1,249,784 (84%) 1,127,143 (84%)
Zune 432,717 (15%) 225,575 (15%) 207,142 (15%)
Comparison Totals 2,809,644 1,475,359 1,334,285

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