What is Staxup?

Staxup is a web site that automatically creates unique comparisons across a variety of products and topics. These comparisons can be used to roughly see how a product "stacks up" relative to similar choices. In short, Staxup provides a quick, visual alternative to reading product reviews.

How does it work?

Staxup uses computers to periodically check the web for articles, blogs, and any other pages that mention a specific product or interest in a particularly positive or negative light. This data is then compiled and presented on the web site as sleak-looking graphs.

Each comparison on Staxup is reviewed by an administrator before appearing in any listings to ensure relevance and quality.

I have an idea! How should I tell you about it?

Great! You can create a comparison for the site, or you can contact Staxup if what you're trying to say doesn't involve a new comparison. Bug reports, feature requests and other types of feedback are all appreciated.